2020's 12 Best Financial Advisors & Wealth Managers in Minneapolis, MN

Birchwood Financial Partners
Apr 29, 2020 10:36:27 AM

Birchwood-Financial-Partners-AdvisoryHQ-2020-AwardFor the fifth year, Birchwood Financial Partners has been rated as one of the Top 12 Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers in Minneapolis by AdvisoryHQ.

AdvisoryHQ's review shared the key factors for Birchwood to be included in the review:

Broad Spectrum of Services

This Minneapolis wealth management firm and its advisors have cultivated a diverse set of experiences and expertise to deliver broad-spectrum services to its clients.

It is also one of the few wealth management firms in Minneapolis that highlights sustainable investing, something that is becoming more important to investors looking to the future.

The firm’s services include:

  • Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing—The Minneapolis financial advisors at Birchwood can guide you toward investments that reflect your environmental values and promote sustainable business practices
  • Legacy Planning—Forward-looking planning for how your assets will be managed in the event you cannot manage them yourself that creates a roadmap for the future
  • Investment Management—Focuses on long-term strategies identifying the appropriate mix of various types of assets in your portfolio
  • Retirement Planning—Sessions designed to uncover financial goals and explore options for sustainable income once you reach retirement
  • Cash Flow and Budgeting—Helps you balance your goals and lifestyle with cash flow so you can gain better control of your financial future
  • Tax Planning—These Minnesota financial advisors will work closely with tax professionals and accountants to implement efficient tax planning strategies
  • Insurance Review—Helps clients optimize existing insurance coverage in areas such as life, disability, health, long-term care, and property-casualty
  • Charitable Giving Strategies—Assists clients with finding flexible, tax-advantaged ways to make charitable donations to causes they believe in
  • Education Planning—Assists parents with balancing financial resources and educational planning for their children

Talented, Diverse Team

Birchwood was founded in 1990 and has a diverse team of Minnesota financial advisors, with qualifications including Certified Financial Planner™, Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®, and Chartered Financial Analyst.

Nearly all team members are active in local and professional affiliations. They have also earned various awards and accolades, which is an indicator that this fee-only financial planner in Minnesota is a leader in its field.

A unique aspect of this Minneapolis wealth management firm is that the majority of its financial advisors and support staff are women. This is a stark contrast against the financial advisory industry as a whole.

Birchwood successfully maintains a commitment to championing a diverse, talented team of Minnesota financial advisors in an industry that is notorious for being less diverse.

Rating Summary

For three decades, Birchwood Financial Partners has offered a high level of customized service for clients. Its industry-leading team stands out both for their accolades and commitment to continued education in their field.

Being among the top-rated financial advisors in Minnesota and the firm’s notable themes of gender diversity and sustainable investing, make it truly unique.

With a dedication to client success first and foremost and a broad selection of services, Birchwood earned a 5-star rating as a top Minnesota financial advisor to consider working with this year.

Read more at AdvisoryHQ: https://www.advisoryhq.com/articles/top-rated-financial-advisors-in-minnesota/

AdvisoryHQ's Methodology for Selecting Top Advisors

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Step 2: AdvisoryHQ’s review team then applies initial methodology filters to narrow down the list of identified firms/products. These filters include company strengths, trustworthiness, transparency, professional reputation, managed asset, ROI/ROA effectiveness, fees structure, what customers/clients are saying about the organization, and many more.

Step 3: After trimming down the initial list, AdvisoryHQ then conducts a deep-dive assessment of the remaining firms.

The award criteria takes into account a range of factors, including experience level, level of customization, site quality, resources, features, range of provided services, innovation, value-added, and many more factors, to build up a broad picture of what each firm or product has to offer, before the final selection process occurs.

Step 4: Based on the results of the performed assessment, AdvisoryHQ’s research and selection team then finalizes the list of entities that make it into its top rated publications, which are then published to the general public.  

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